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Sting Of Steele Movie Free Download Hd >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Sting Of Steele

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Romance,Thriller

































Daniel Chalmers, Steele's mentor, manages to win some money from a crooked casino in England. His associate who was caught before he could leave, told the owner who his partner is. He learns that Chalmers is going L.A. so he follows him. He then hires the agency to locate Chalmers. Steele is not there when he arrives. Chalmers made sure the owner followed him, cause he's pulling another scam with Steele's help. Laura's mother shows up because the guy she was seeing dumped her and when she meets Chalmers, he charms her. Laura is wondering what Steele and his friend are up to and is worried for her mother.
A murderous casino owner hires the agency to locate a con artist (a man from Mr. Steele's past) who swindled his operation. Ms. Holt's annoying mother is back.
Well the title says it all. This episode is the variation of the classic movie The Sting.

It is also one of the more fun episodes, like the end of season party where everyone lets their hair down. Even Murphy gets on in the act as he pretends to be Remington Steele and orders Laura about.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr plays Daniel Chalmers, who fleeced some money from a rigged roulette wheel in a London casino. The crooked casino owner shoots dead his accomplice and has headed over to LA looking for Chalmers and has hired the agency.

Chalmers an old pal of Remington teams up with him so they can lay some breadcrumbs so they can scam him again. It is all to do with getting English soccer results a few minutes in advance and then laying bets before the they are released nationally.

I love the set up of a big satellite dish, a Commodore 64 computer and archive footage of the Liverpool v Newcastle FA Cup Final dating back to 1974.


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